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Reverse Osmosis Membranes Element

Chiwatec can provide you with membrane elements from most leading membrane producers.

Dupont Membrane Element

Dupont RO Membrane element

Dupont Filmtec membrane elements provide unmatched quality in separating the contaminants from concentrated water ending with purified clean water. These membrane filtration products are exceptionally efficient in water treatment applications that include industrial, commercial, municipal, and consumer-related concerns.

Toray RO Membrane Element

TORAY Reverse Osmosis spiral wound membrane elements have been produced since 1967, starting with cellulose acetate membrane elements. Today, the product line includes a full range of state-of-the-art cross-linked polyamide composite membranes manufactured under ISO-9001 certification. Following 4” and 8” membranes can be used in multiple membrane systems to treat municipal industrial water, process water, sea water or high salinity water as well as commercial applications.

Hydranautics RO membrane element

Hydranautics is a world-wide supplier of separation membrane technology with a comprehensive list of top-performing filtration products for various industries. Applications which include boiler feedwater treatment, wastewater treatment, seawater desalination, surface water treatment, drinking water purification, agricultural water treatment, and pharmaceutical water purification.

CSM RO element

CSM reverse osmosis membranes are used in a wide range of applications. From the conversion of seawater to freshwater, the production of ultrapure water for cleaning electronic parts and medical and pharmaceutical uses, use in the food and beverage industry, to the recycling of wastewater and sewage.

LG RO membrane

LG Chem’s RO membranes serve various municipal and industrial applications and have been operating in the major utilities around the world. Incorporating innovative Thin Film Nanocomposite technology, all LG membranes provide superior performance along with intrinsic anti-fouling property and are suitable for applications where consistent and reliable performance is a must.

Vontron RO membrane filter

VONTRON specialized in R&D and manufacturing of reverse osmosis (RO),nanofiltration (NF), and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane elements as a national standard-setting unit of reverse osmosis membrane. With over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of spiral-wound membrane elements. Membrane applicable to treatment of various industrial water such as industrial-purpose pure water, boiler water replenishment in power plants, and can be also applied to such brackish water applications, such as treatment of high-concentration saline waste water and production of beverage-purpose water.

Daltonen RO membrane

Daltonen reverse osmosis membrane element is mainly used for desalination of brackish water, medical pure water and other high-purity water systems, nearly zero discharge of wastewater in petroleum and petrochemical industries and boiler make-up water in thermal power plants.etc

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