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Vontron RO membrane filter

Optimizing Reverse Osmosis Membrane Performance: General Steps for Cleaning RO Membrane Elements

Discover the essential steps for effectively cleaning reverse osmosis (RO) membrane elements, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. This guide provides detailed instructions for the cleaning process, from preparing the cleaning fluid to post-cleaning system operation. Learn how to utilize clean product water, appropriate flow rates, and systematic flushing techniques to enhance the efficiency of your RO membrane elements.

Cleaning reverse osmosis membrane elements is crucial for maintaining peak performance and extending their lifespan. Follow these general steps to ensure an effective cleaning process:

1. Pump Clean Product Water:

Utilize a pump to transfer clean, chlorine-free RO product water from the cleaning tank or a designated water source into the pressure vessel. Allow the water to drain for a few minutes, ensuring the initial flushing of the system.

2. Prepare Cleaning Fluid:

In a clean box, prepare a cleaning fluid using the clean product water. This step is critical for ensuring that the cleaning process is free from contaminants, allowing for effective membrane cleaning.

3. Circulate Cleaning Fluid:

Circulate the cleaning fluid within the pressure vessel for a designated time, typically 1 hour. Adjust the flow rate based on the size of the pressure vessel: 35-40 gallons/minute for 8-inch or 8.5-inch vessels, 15-20 gallons/minute for 6-inch vessels, and 9-10 gallons/minute for 4-inch vessels.

4. Drain and Rinse:

Once the cleaning process is complete, drain the cleaning tank, rinse it thoroughly, and refill it with clean product water for the subsequent flush. This step ensures the removal of any residual cleaning agents and contaminants.

5. Pump Clean Product Water (Again):

Repeat the process of pumping clean, chlorine-free product water into the pressure vessel, draining for a few minutes. This step further ensures the elimination of any remaining cleaning agents or impurities.

5. Run the RO System:

After flushing the reverse osmosis system, operate it with the product water discharge valve open. Run the system until the product water is visibly clean, without any foam or traces of cleaning agents. This step typically takes 15 to 30 minutes and ensures the system is ready for regular operation.


Implementing these general steps for cleaning reverse osmosis membrane elements is essential for maintaining peak performance. By adhering to a systematic cleaning routine, water treatment professionals can optimize the efficiency and longevity of their RO membrane elements, contributing to reliable and high-quality water purification.

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