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LG RO membrane

LG RO membrane

LG RO membrane filter for brackish water RO membranes serve various municipal and industrial applications and have been operating in the major utilities around the world. Incorporating innovative Thin Film Nanocomposite (TFN) technology, all LG BWRO membranes provide superior performance along with intrinsic anti-fouling property and are suitable for applications where consistent and reliable performance is a must.

LG RO Membrane Data Sheet

ProductSize (Diameter)Active areaPermeate flow rateStabilized salt rejectionData sheets
BW 4040 R1004857.92,5009.599.6Deet sheetLG-BW-4040-R.pdf
BW 400 R Dura2008400371050039.799.7Deet sheetLG-BW-400-R-Dura.pdf
BW 400 R2008400371050039.799.6Deet sheetLG-BW-400-R.pdf
BW 400 R G22008400371150099.899.65Deet sheetLG-BW-400-R-G2.pdf
BW 400 AFR2008400371050039.799.6Deet sheetLG-BW-400-AFR.pdf
SW 400 SR200840037600022.799.85Deet sheetLG_SW_400_SR.pdf
SW 400 R200840037900034.199.85Deet sheetLG_SW_400_R.pdf
SW 400 GR200840037750028.499.85Deet sheetLG_SW_400_GR.pdf

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