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Vontron RO membrane filter

Vontron RO Membrane

Vontron RO membrane purifier is now widely used in the water purification field. The RO membrane has different type such as brackish type, seawater type, fouling resistant type, low pressure type. etc.

Vontron RO Membrane Data Sheet

ProductSize (Diameter)Active areaPermeate flow rateStabilized salt rejectionData sheets
LP21-40401004908.42,4009.199.5Deet sheetLP21-4040.pdf
ULP21-40401004908.42,4009.199Deet sheetULP21-4040.pdf
LP21-8040200836533.99,60036.399.5Deet sheetLP21-8040.pdf
LP22-8040200840037.210,5039.799.5Deet sheetLP22-8040.pdf
SW8040HR-400200840037.27,50039.799.8Deet sheetSW8040HR-400.pdf
FR12-8040200840037.210,50039.799.5Deet sheetFR12-8040.pdf
FR22-8040PRO200840037.211,00041.699.7Deet sheetFR22-8040PRO.pdf

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