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BW30-365 RO filter

Comprehensive Guide: FAQs about Reverse Osmosis Membrane & Ion Exchange Resin(2)

Answers to Common Questions about Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Ion Exchange Resin (21-30)

21. Can the Membrane Element Be Exposed to Freezing Temperatures?

Visit the Dow Liquid Separation Department website for product, application, and test pictures, or contact a Dow representative.

22. How to Find Product Pictures?

Choosing the right cleaning agents and procedures is vital for optimal cleaning. Typically, acidic cleaning fluids are recommended for inorganic scale contaminants, while alkaline solutions are suitable for microorganisms or organic pollutants.

23. Dealing with Boron in Drinking Water

High levels of boron can affect male fertility. Dow’s FILMTEC™ membrane and DOWEX* resin can effectively remove boron from drinking water, adhering to WHO standards. Traditional treatment methods may not effectively remove boron.

24. Shutdown Procedures for the Membrane System

Refer to the manual for specific shutdown procedures and storage guidelines.

25. What is DIRECTOR Service?

DIRECTOR Service by Dow Chemical Company offers comprehensive support for users of FILMTEC™ membrane and DOWEX* resin, including membrane and resin analysis, technical support, and training.

26. Can Ethanol Preserve Membrane Elements?

Storing membrane elements in alcohol solutions is not recommended.

27. Why Doesn't ROSA5.0 Include Standardized Software?

ROSA5.0 is for design purposes only. Technical information and standardized software can be found on the Dow Liquid Separation Department’s website.

28. Removal Ability of FT30 Membrane for Weak Acids

The removal rate depends on the pH and dissociation constant of weak acids. Higher pH levels generally result in higher removal rates.

29. Usage of Fungicide DBNPA

DBNPA can be dosed intermittently or continuously based on the severity of biological pollution. Dosage should be adjusted according to bacterial content.

30. Choosing Membranes for Different Applications

Various factors influence membrane selection. Refer to the manual or consult a Dow representative for guidance.

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