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BW30-4040 DOW membrane

Comprehensive Guide: FAQs about Reverse Osmosis Membrane & Ion Exchange Resin

Answers to Common Questions about Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Ion Exchange Resin

1. Choosing the Right Product:

Utilize the Dow Chemical Liquid Separation Department website’s interactive product selection guide to navigate through DOWEX* ion exchange resins and FILMTEC™ membrane elements. Tailor your selection based on application type, product type, or size for optimized performance.

2. Removal Rate for Specific Ions:

Refer to the product specification table of Dow FILMTEC membrane elements for typical removal rates of specific ions. For uncommon ions, consult the data sheet of Dow FILMTEC™ FT30 for detailed information.

3. Changes in ROSA5 Design Software:

Explore the enhanced features of ROSA5, including design calculations for Dow’s FILMTEC™ NF270 and NF200 nanofiltration components. With a professional calculation engine and improved database processing, ROSA5 separates product manuals for easy access to design software.

4. Water Inlet Requirements:

Ensure RO and IX systems do not contain suspended solids, calcium sulfate, algae, or oxidants. Adhering to strict water quality standards minimizes impurities that affect system performance and lifespan.

5. Chlorine Resistance of Dow FILMTEC FT30:

Dow’s FILMTEC™ FT30 membrane withstands chlorine oxidation, offering durability against active chlorine attack. However, dechlorination of RO inlet water is recommended for optimal membrane longevity.

6. Impurities Removed by RO Membrane:

Reverse osmosis membranes effectively remove ions and organics, with a salt removal rate of up to 99% and organic removal rate ≥99%. RO membranes excel in purifying influent water compared to nanofiltration membranes.

7. ROSA Design Calculation for Mixed Water Sources:

For mixed water sources or unconfirmed influent water quality, follow surface water design calculation guidelines in ROSA design to ensure accurate system sizing and performance.

8. Discrepancies in SW30-4040 Calculation:

Differences in SW30-4040 calculation results between ROSA4 and ROSA5 stem from improvements in membrane manufacturing technology. ROSA5 reflects the enhanced membrane performance accurately.

9. Availability of Pressure Housings and Component Adapters:

Dow FilmTec does not sell pressure housings but provides component adapters and couplings with membrane elements. Spare parts like component couplings or “O” rings are available for purchase separately.

10. Compatibility of Ozone as an Oxidant:

While ozone can be used in RO inlet water pretreatment, precautions should be taken to remove residual ozone before membrane contact. Consider alternatives like UV radiation or sodium bisulfate for effective disinfection without oxidizing membrane elements.

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