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Comprehensive Guide: FAQs about Reverse Osmosis Membrane & Ion Exchange Resin(4)

Answers to Common Questions about Reverse Osmosis Membrane and Ion Exchange Resin (41-50)

41. Which Compounds are Stable with Dow FILMTEC Membranes?

Membrane stability depends on various factors like temperature, pressure, pH, and more. Identifying potential risks and implementing pretreatment measures is crucial for stability.

42. Advantages of Short Membrane Leaf and Blade Multi-Element Design?

Short leaf blade design enhances membrane flux uniformity, improving efficiency and reducing pollution risk. However, technological constraints hinder widespread adoption.

43. Effect of Operating Temperature on Water Distribution in Membrane Elements?

Higher water temperature reduces operating pressure, affecting water production. This can lead to uneven flux distribution across the system, impacting its balance and stability.

44. Harm of Silicon in Boiler Feed Water?

Silicon in high-pressure boiler feed water can vaporize with steam, leading to turbine blade deposition and efficiency loss. Both active and colloidal silicon contribute to this issue.

45. Can Membrane Systems Start and Stop Frequently?

While membrane systems are designed for continuous operation, occasional startup and shutdown occur. Proper flushing and preventive measures are essential to maintain system integrity.

46. Does ROSA5 Include Automatic Design Function?

Currently, ROSA5 lacks automatic design capabilities but aims to integrate this feature in future updates.

47. Designing a Three-Stage System with Product Water Holding Pressure?

Yes, utilizing product water holding pressure in the first stage with a pressure lift pump before the third stage is feasible.

48. Designing a Product Water Back Suction Tank?

In seawater desalination systems, the tank’s volume is typically the vessel volume minus the membrane element volume, considering the element’s void ratio.

49. Determining the Direction of Brine Seal Ring Installation?

Install the brine seal ring at the water inlet end of the membrane element, with the opening facing the inlet direction, ensuring a proper seal.

50. Can Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) be Used as a Bactericide for Membrane Systems?

While some users have successfully applied chlorine dioxide, caution is advised due to potential membrane damage. Consider safer alternatives like DBNPA for effective bactericidal action.

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