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Hydranautics ESPA2-4040 RO element

Revolutionizing Water Treatment: A Comprehensive Overview of the History and Current State of Reverse Osmosis Technology

Delve into the evolution of reverse osmosis (RO) technology, tracing its journey from inception to its current status as a transformative force in water treatment. Explore the impact of RO on the pure water preparation industry, its growth in various sectors, and the emergence of cutting-edge membrane products, shaping the global landscape of water purification.

History and Growth of Reverse Osmosis Technology:

Eight years ago, American company reverse osmosis membrane products marked a symbolic entry into the mainland market. Since then, the domestic RO pure water preparation process has witnessed rapid development, finding applications in diverse industries such as power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electronics, medicine, and food. Municipal water supply, direct drinking water, and other civilian applications have also embraced the technology, establishing reverse osmosis as a dominant player in the pure water preparation process.

Factors Driving RO Technology Growth:

National and corporate purchasing power, coupled with increased personal consumption levels, have fueled the widespread adoption of reverse osmosis technology. The technology’s versatility has led to its acceptance in various sectors, playing a pivotal role in the overall progress of domestic industries.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Products:

Examining the structure of RO membranes, hollow, tubular, and plate membranes have limited market share compared to the prevalent roll-up membrane. Roll-up membranes, almost synonymous with reverse osmosis, boast low pretreatment requirements, making them versatile in water treatment applications. Aromatic polyamide composite membranes have become the market mainstream, evolving towards low pollution, positively charged, and sodium filter membranes for multi-purpose use.

Innovations in Membrane Products:

Hyde Energy’s low pollution membrane and Dow Chemical’s BW30-FR series are revolutionizing anti-pollution capabilities. These membranes exhibit robust chemical and physical resistance, enhancing resistance to organic and microbial contamination. The market trend leans towards low pollution membranes, positively charged membranes, and sodium filter membranes for multifaceted applications.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market Dynamics:

Hydranautics (Nitto Denko) and Dow Chemical (Filmtec) dominate the RO membrane market, commanding 80% of the current domestic share. Other foreign players like Koch, Osmonics, Trisep, and Toray collectively hold the remaining 20%. The domestic membrane sales volume, accounting for approximately 10% of global sales, reached an estimated 30 million USD in 2002.

Applications of Reverse Osmosis Membranes:

RO membrane technology finds applications in diverse fields, ranging from the US YUMA water plant’s treatment of canal water to large-scale seawater desalination projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Spain. The current global pure water production through RO exceeds 12 million tons per day, with the potential for further expansion in industrial and municipal sectors.

Reverse Osmosis Supporting Products:

The growth of the RO membrane product market is mirrored by its supporting product market. Initially dominated by foreign brands, the market has witnessed localization efforts by domestic agents and manufacturers. Products like scale inhibitors, centrifugal pumps, vane pumps, membrane pressure vessels, water softener multi-way valves, fiberglass filter barrels, and panel flowmeters have seen increased localization, resulting in improved product quality and reduced market prices.


The journey of reverse osmosis technology reflects its pivotal role in revolutionizing water treatment globally. As it continues to advance and expand into new applications, RO technology stands as a cornerstone for sustainable and efficient water purification.

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